I joined the 625th when I was 17 and served in Korea as a Liaison Sgt. I am presently writing a book on the history of the 625th FA Bn, 40th Inf Division from it's start 5 Aug 1946 to 1 July 1954 when after its return from Korea it was reorganized and redesignated the 214th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, an element of the 40th Armored Division, California National Guard. During the last few years of working on this book, I have built up a duty roster of over 1000 names of former members of the battalion. I know there are more former members of the battalion as the rotation policy kept the turnover high. i would like former members or relatives of members get their names to me. I want to list all known battalion members in an Appendix to my book. There is no commercial motive behind this, just a desire to recognize all those who served in the 625th FA Bn.

               Bob Hanson
               MSgt, Hqs Btry 625th FA Bn
               10777 Pointed Oak Lane
               San Diego, Ca 92131
               E-MAIL CLICK HERE


ABBOTT, Charles K; Btry B
ADERHOLD, Dale; Btry C
ADAMS, Harold W; Btry A
ADAMS, Joseph Jr; Svc Btry
ADKINS, Donald R; Btry C
AGNEW, George A; Sgt
AGUILAR, Augstine; Cpl, Btry B
AHERNS, Albert C; Btry C
AHLBERG, Frank R; Cpl, Btry B
ANGLIN, Franklin D; Btry B
AKERS, Donald E ; Hqs Btry
AKIYAMA, Harry S; Hqs Btry
ALAMILO, Lorenzo B; Btry C
ALBERTIE, Edward J; Major, Hqs Btry
ALLEN, Clarence J; Btry B
ALEXANDER, George; 1st Lt, Btry C
ALICATA, S. J. (Joe); Hqs Btry
ALLDREDGE, Eugene R; 2nd Lt, Hqs Btry
ALLMENDINGER, Harold; Hqs Btry
ALTIERI, Angelo; Btry A
ALVEREZ, Alfred; Btry A
ALVEREZ, Antonio U; Hqs Btry/Btry C
ALVEREZ, Pedro P; Hqs Btry/Btry C
ALVIS, Anthony; Hqs Btry
ALVORD, James B; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry
AMMONS, Emmet L; CWO, Btry C
ANDERSON, Oliver M; Btry A
ANDERSON, Port A, Jr; Btry C
ANDREW, James W; 1st Lt, Btry B/Btry C
ANDREWS, Reed H; Hqs Btry
ANGUISH, Don; Hqs Btry
ANTHONY, David H; 1st Lt, Btry B/Btry C
AOKI, Roy K; Svc Btry
APPLETON, Herbert A; Hqs Btry
ARCHER, Jerry; Hqs Btry
ARCHER, Donald D; Btry A
ARAGON, Perfecto E; Hqs Btry
ARMSTRONG, Robert D; Hqs Btry
ARMSTRONG, Lawrence; Cpl, Hqs Btry
ASHLEN, James E; Btry A
ASHLEY, Cameron F; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry A
ASP, Ernest G; Btry B
ATHANS; Tommy H; Capt, Hqs Btry
ATHENS, James P; Btry C
ATTEBERRY, Harlen; Sgt, Hqs Btry
AVERY, Robert; Btry C
AYALA, Antonio A; Btry C
AYLER, William; Hqs Btry
AYLWARD, Arthur, W; Hqs Btry
AYMAR, Ira R; Btry B
BABJACK, Charles F; Svc Btry
BAKER, Ned; MSG, Hqs Btry
BALDWIN, Melvin L; Btry C
BALDWIN, Ralph; Btry B
BALL, James H; Btry C
BALLENGER, Robert C; 2nd Lt, Btry A
BAMBULAS, John P;Hqs Btry
BANDEN, Charles R; Cpl, Btry C
BANZ, Werner A; Btry A
BARDSLEY, Peter J; Sgt, Hqs Btry
BARESH, Alphonse H; Cpl, Hqs Btry
BARR, Robert E; 1st Sgt, Hqs Btry/Btry C
BARTON, Edward A; Btry C
BARTON, George; Btry C
BASKETT, Ted F; Btry C
BASOLO, John A; Svc Btry
BASSETT, Robert A; Btry C
BATES, Charles I; Btry C
BAUMEISTER, Fred; Capt, Hqs Btry/Btry C
BAUMLI, George; SFC, Btry C
BAWDEN, Richard (Rick); Sgt, Btry C
BAXTER, George R;.Hqs Btry
BEAL, Marshall W; MSG, Svc Btry
BEALS, Sherman J; Sgt, Btry B
BEAU, Eugene D; Btry C
BECK, unk; Sv Btry
BECKER, William A; Btry A
BEENE, Joe;Hqs Btry
BELFORD, Robert E; 2nd Lt, Btry C
BELL, Richard V; Cpl, Hqs Btry/Svc Btry
BELL, Thomas J Btry B
BENNETT, Essek; Btry C
BENNETT, Gus; Btry C
BENNETT, Phillip G Btry A
BENSON, Louis E Btry B
BERG, Alfred; Btry C
BERGER, Edward J; Cpl, Btry B
BERGSTROM, Ronald; M/SGT, Hqs Btry
BERKE, Bernard (Bill); MSG, Hqs Btry
BERNE, Bernard; SFC, Hqs Btry
BERTSCHINGER, William D; Sgt, Hqs Btry
BESTLE, Harold L; Btry A
BICE, Robert L; Sgt, Btry B
BIGGERS, Luther; Btry C
BINGAHAM, James R; Cpl, Hqs Btry
BINGHAM, Richard W; SSgt, Hqs Btry
BITTER, Norman A; Btry C
BLACKBURN, Phillip; Hqs Btry
BLANGIN, Alfred; Hqs Btry
BLANK, Ronald M; Btry C
BLATT, Jerald W; Cpl, Btry B
BLISS, Paul E; Hqs Btry
BLISS, William L; 2nd Lt, Btry B
BLUE, Curtis L; Btry C
BODENSTAB, Leonard H; Cpl, Btry B
BOE, James; Hqs Btry
BOGGS, Keith K; Sgt, Hqs Btry
BOLDEN, Orlo J; Btry C
BOLDT, Carrol A; Svc Btry
BOLLER, John J; Btry B
BOLSTER, Gerald P; Btry C
BONGLE, Milton L; Btry A
BORDEN, James E; Btry A
BOWDEN, Edmund R Jr; 1sr Lt, Hqs Btry
BOWER, Theron L; Svc Btry
BREBAUGH, Jack; Btry A
BREECH, Dale; Cpl, Hqs Btry
BREKKE, Arvid B;1st Sgt, Btry A
BRENNAN, Walter J; MSG, Hqs Btry
BRICEN, Joe M; Cpl, Svc Btry
BRIEGEL, Bennie L Btry
BRESLIN, Charles F; Btry A
BRISBO, William; Hqs Btry
BRITT, Everett H; Hqs Btry
BRITT, James E; Hqs Btry
BROCKMEYER, Gerald P; Btry C
BROWN, Clifford H; Sgt, Hqs Btry
BROWN, Harold E; Btry C
BROWN, Olin M; Sgt, Btry C
BROWN, Ray; Btry C
BROWN, Richard A; SFC, Btry B
BROWN, Richard C; Btry A
BROWN, Richard l.; Btry C
BROWN, Robert B; 1st Lt, Btry B
BROWN, Willie J; Btry C
BRUCE, Morris R; SFC, Btry C
BRUNSON, Robert O; Btry A
BUCHANAN, Lewis E; Btry C
BUCHOLZ, Lester; Cpl, Btry C
BUCHOLZ, Duane R; Cpl, Btry C
BUNDY, Robert N; Btry C
BUNN, William J; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry A
BURKE, James; Svc Btry
BURNCHETT, Lyle D; Sgt, Btry A
BURNS, Harold G; Btry B
BURRIS, William V; Btry B
BURSON, Ralph F; Cpl, Btry C
BURTON, Irvin D; Btry C
BURTON, Marvin: Btry C
BUSBY, Bill E; Btry A
BUSSEWITZ, Harley A; Btry A/Btry B
BUTLER, Albert S; Svc Btry
BUTRICK, Robert L; 1st Lt, Btry A/Btry C
CAIN, William H Jr: MSG, Btry A
CALDWELL, Davis L; Btry C
CALKINS, Gregory R; Sgt, Hqs Btry
CALLAHAN, Edward; Btry C
CALVI, Dee F; Sgt, Btry A
CAMPBELL, Robert; Btry C
CAMPBELL, Robert W; Btry A
CAMPEAU, Harold J; Btry B
CANALES, Frank R; Btry C
CAPPS, Kenneth; Btry B
CARASSO, Pierce A; Btry B
CARAWAY, Raymond V; unk Btry
CARDINAL, Donald L; Cpl, B Btry
CAREW, Joseph L; Btry C
CAREY, Harold W; Btry C
CARHART, Charles; Hqs Btry
CARLSON, George E; Btry B
CARLTON, Alvin P;Lt, Hqs Btry
CARON, Charles J; Hqs Btry/Btry B
CARPENTER, Donald M; Btry C
CARRAWAY, Raymond; Sgt, Btry B
CARRIER, Wilfred P; Btry A
CARRILLO, Agapito C (Pete); Btry C
CARRILLO, Alfred B; Cpl, Svc Btry
CARTER, Ernest L; Btry C
CARTER, unk; Btry A
CASON, Leroy O; Cpl, Btry C
CASON, William E; Btry C
CASTELOWE, George C; Btry A
CATLIN, William P; Btry B
CELSKE, George H; Btry A
CHANDLER, Maurice; Major , Hqs Btry
CHANEY, Keith A; Sgt, Hqs Btry
CHAPEK, John R Jr; M/Sgt, Btry C
CHESBORO, Norman L; Sgt, Hqs Btry
CHESTNUT, Jackie; Btry B
CHIN, Buck K; Btry C
CHMIELEWSKI, Benedict; Btry B
CHRISTIAN, Billy D; Btry B
CHRISTIAN, Trueman; Btry B
CHRISTENSEN, James; Hqs Btry
CIACCIO, Anthony J; Btry C
CIOMEI, Marshall W; Hqs Btry
CLAPP, Lonnie T; Btry C
CLARK, Charles C; Btry C
CLARK, Donald L; Btry C
CLARK, Edwin P Jr; Btry B
CLARK, Lawrence F; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry C
CLARK, Leo S; Hqs Btry
CLARK, Norman; Btry C
CLAY Jr. James P; 2nd Lt, Hqs Btry
CLAYTON, Cecil C Jr; Btry B
CLOSE, Kenneth H; Cpl, Svc Btry
COBB, Damon; Btry C
COHEN, Elton H; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry
COLE, Norman; Btry C
COLE, Roy V; Btry C
COLEMAN, John J; Hqs Btry
COLESCENT, unk; Hqs Btry
COLLINS, James E; Btry B
COLLINS, William J; Btry B
COMMANDER, John C; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry
CONANS, Curtis D; Btry C
CONAWAY, Gerald D; Cpl, Hqs Btry
CONNERS, Paul R; Hqs Btry C
CONRAD, William J; Btry B
CONRIQUE, Bernard; Btry B
COOK, Dan N; SFC, Svc Btry
COOK, Denton C; Btry A
COOK, Lynn N; Svc Btry
COON, Francis M, Jr; Btry A
COON, John M; Sgt, Hqs Btry
CORBETT, Maurice D; Btry A
COULSON, Ralph E; Btry A
COUPE, Raymond J; SFC, Btry B
COURTIER, Gordon L; Svc Btry
COWANS, Curtis D; Sgt, Btry C
COX, John B; Hqs Btry
CRADDOCK, Joe D; SFC, Btry A/Btry C
CRAWFORD, Clevland; Btry C
CRISPIN, John M; Btry C
CRITTENDEN, Norman; Btry A
CROVITZ, Gerauld H; Hqs Btry
CROWDER, Joseph; Hqs Btry
CUMMINS. Grover G; Sgt, Svc Btry
CURRY Jr., Winfield S. (Bud); SFC, Hqs Btry
CUSIC, Rolla R; Btry C
DeBOCK, Albert F; Btry C
De LA ROSA, Victor: Sgt, Btry A
De JOHN, Vincent; Cpl, Btry B
De PENCIER, Ronald; Btry B
DeYOUNG, Wesley J; Cpl, Hqs Btry
DiVIA, Richard G; Btry C
DABKOWSKI, Nicholas J; Btry B
DAILEY, Joseph A; Hqs Btry
DANIELSON, Harold A; Cpl, Hqs Btry
DARLING, Max L; Btry B
DARRAGH, Willian M; 1st Lt, unk Btry
DAWSON, Alfred W; 1st Lt, Btry C
DEITZ, Edward F; Hqs Btry
DEMBOWSKI, Alfred S; Hqs Btry
DENNISH, Edward F; Btry C
DERING, Charles R; Btry A
DERHOLD, Dale; Btry C
DERR, Doyle D; SFC, Svc Btry
DESSAINT, William L; Cpl, Btry B
DETTER, Calvin D; Btry C
DIAMOND, Jack K; SFC, Svc Btry
DIDRICK, Robert M; Hqs Btry
DIECK, Arne R; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry A/Btry B
DILLON, Clair R; Btry C
DISKIN, Don J; Cpl, Svc Btry
DISS, William T Jr; Hqs Btry
DODD, Billie E; Btry B
DONVAN, Roy V; Btry B
DOSTER, Darrell; Svc Btry
DOSTER, Virlin E; Cpl, Svc Btry
DOUGLAS, Richard J; Btry A
DOVEY, James E; Hqs Btry
DRACHENBERG, Jerome P; Sgt, Btry C
DRAGSETH, Merton D; Btry A
DREILING, Anthony F; unk Btry
DURAN, Pedro; Btry C
DUPUIS, Eugine L; Sgt, Hqs Btry
DUPUIS, Merritt; Sgt, Hqs Btry
ECHIVERIA, Richard Reyes; Cpl, Btry C
EDWARDS, Archie T; Cpl, Btry A
EDWARDS, Orville Jr; Hqs Btry
EDWARDS, Royal W; Cpl, Hqs Btry
EHLEN, George A; Btry B
EKINS, Ronald H; Cpl, Svc Btry
ELDER, William R. (Bill); Cpl, Hqs Btry
EMHOFF, James J; Btry C
ENCALADE, Louis J; Btry B
ENDERLIN, August E; Cpl, unk Btry
ENGLEHARDT, Donald W; Hqs Btry
ENGEL, Carl H; Btry A
ERICKSON, Donald F; Btry A
ERICKSON, Doral O; Svc Btry
ERICKSON, Henry C; Btry B
ESTRADA, Manuel; Btry C
ETTINGER, Morton N; Btry A
EVARD, Patrick; Btry B
FABRIZIUS, Herbert H. (Harry); Hqs Btry
FALLOT, Henry; Staff Sgt, Btry C
FARRIS, Jack D; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
FARRIS, Vernon E; Btry C
FAUST, Jerome J; Lt, Hqs Btry /Svc Btry/Btry C
FEASEL, Clarence L; Btry B
FENTON, James A; Btry A
FERGENSON, Marion J; Svc Btry
FERNANDEZ, Gilbert V; Btry C
FERRETRA, Salvatore; Btry A
FERRING, unk; 1st Lt, Btry A
FERRY, Wilbur V; 1st Lt, Svc Btry
FEW, John B. (Barkley); Hqs Btry
FIGLIOLI, Salvatore; Btry B
FINN, Thomas; Btry A
FISCHER, Robert M; Btry C
FISETTE, Arthur U; 2nd Lt, Hqs Btry
FISHER, William E; Mjr, Hqs Btry
FISHER, William H; Btry A
FITZGERALD, William; Btry A
FLANAGIN, Jack D; Cpl, Svc Btry
FLANDERS, Gerald D; Btry C
FLEMING, Corbit L Svc Btry
FLYNN, Charles W; Btry C
FORSTER, Donald N; Cpl, Btry C
FOSTER, Bud O; Btry C
FOWLER, Harvey; Sgt, Btry C
FOX, Billy M; Btry C
FOX, Lawrence S; Hqs Btry
FRANCIS, Warren C; Sgt, Btry C
FRANKLYN, James A; Btry A
FREESE, Paul J; Hqs Btry
FRENCH, Thomas O; Sgt, Btry A
FRIGON, Donald F; 2nd Lt, Hqs Btry
FROST, John L; SFC, Btry C
FRUTOS, Robert Q; Btry C
FRYE, William H; Btry B
FULLER, Bobby G Svc Btry
FULLER, Gary R; Hqs Btry
FULLER, George A; Hqs Btry
FYLLING, Anker C. (Chris); Sgt, Hqs Btry G
GAISFORD, Merlin J; Cpl, Btry C
GALLAGER, JosepH; Hqs Btry
GALVAN, Julio P; Btry B
GARCIA, Joe; Btry C
GARTMAN, Leonard W; Btry B
GAUGER, Orville; Hqs Btry
GAXIOLA, Mike C; Btry C
GAYLOR, Frank E; Cpl, Hqs Btry
GEER, Raymond I; Btry B
GEFFEN, Herbert; Hqs Btry
GEORGE, Richard M; Sgt, Btry B
GHISELLI, Evans E. (Gus); Sgt, Hqs Btry
GIAMBALVO, Frank P; Btry B
GIAMBALVO, Salvator; Btry B
GIANETTO, Samuel S; Hqs Btry
GIBBS, William C; Hqs Btry
GIBSON, Charles T; Hqs Btry
GIL, Joseph M; Btry B
GILLISPIE, Allen B; Hqs Btry
GILLO, unk; Capt, Hqs Btry
GIRARD, Andrew; Btry A
GLASS, Floyd L; MSG, Btry A
GLENN, Joseph G; Cpl, Btry A
GLENN, Robert A; Cpt, Hqs Btry
GLENN, Samuel A. Hqs Btry/Btry C
GOCKING, Bill D; Btry B
GOFF, Albert; Hqs Btry
GOFFNER, Albert; Hqs Btry
GOLD, James; Cpl, Hqs Btry
GOMEZ, RAY; Hqs Btry/Btry C
GONZALES, Fernando-Orama; Btry C
GONZALES, Robert D; Btry C
GRAFF, Merlynn A. (Dutch); Cpl, Hqs Btry
GRAHAM, Harold L; Cpl, Hqs Btry
GRAHAM, Melvin G; Btry B
GRANESE, Loui s; Cpl, Btry C
GRANGAARD, Paul M; Sgt, Svc Btry
GRANT, Miles S; 1st Lt, Btry C
GRANT, William S Jr; Svc Btry
GREEN, Carl H; Hqs Btry
GREEN, Ciellan H; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry
GREGORY, Robert J; Capt , Hqs Btry/Btry A
GRENZER, Kenneth J; Btry C
GRIFFITH, James R; Capt, Hqs Btry/Btry A
GRIFFITH, Ralph D; Sgt, Hqs Btry
GRIFFIN, Charles E; Hqs Btry
GRIGGS, Gerald E; Btry C
GRIMM, Herbert A; SFC, Hqs Btry
GROSSMAN, Gilbert G; SFC,Btry A
GRUBBS, Clyde J; Hqs Btry
GRUDNIEWSKI, Norbert M; Hqs Btry
GUELLD, John E; Btry A/Btry B
GUERRERO, Robert P; Btry A
GUILL, Harold; Btry B
GUITERREZ, Dan F (Frank ) Jr; Hqs Btry/Btry C
GUNN, Thomas (Tommy); Hqs Btry
HACOOD, Alvus L; Btry A
HAINES, Edgar H, Jr; Btry C
HALL, Randy; Hqs Btry
HALL, Rick; Svc Btry
HALLENBECK, Roger E; SFC, Hqs Btry
HAMILTON, John N; Sgt, Hqs Btry
HAMILTON, Joseph; Btry B
HAMPTON, Homer F; Svc Btry
HANLON, Harry (Russ); Sgt, Hqs Btry
HANLON, James J; Btry C
HANKS, Harold S Jr (Stan); 1st Lt, Btry B
ANSEN, Gordon D; Hqs Btry
HANSON, Robert L; SFC, Hqs Btry/Btry C
HANSON, Robert L; Btry B
HARE, Leroy B; 1st Lt; Hqs Btry
HARGROVE, Paul G; Hqs Btry
HARKNESS, Robert S; MSG, Hqs Btry
HARPER, Henry; Cpl, Btry B
HARRIS, Arthur B; 2nd Lt, Btry C
HARRIS, Billy A; Btry C
HARRIS, Cleo; Btry A
HART, Donald H; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
HARTMAN, unk; Lt, Hqs Btry
HARWICK, John ; Hqs Btry
HEALION, John E; Svc Btry
HEALY, Paul E; Btry C
HEATH, Harland D; Cpl, Hqs Btry
HEFLER, Frank J; Btry C
HEINEN, Roland W; Btry A
HELLER, James D; Sgt, Btry B
HELMEID, Gladwin B; Btry B
HELMER, John A; Btry C
HENDERSON, Thomas E; Btry C
HENDRIX, Lavern; Btry C
HERBST, Robert W; Cpl, Svc Btry
HERNANDEZ, John; Hqs Btry
HERNDON, Garnett W; Hqs Btry
HERRON, unk; 1st Lt, Btry C
HILLARY, Richard K; Btry A
HILZENDEGER, Joseph; Hqs Btry
HINES, Howard V; Sgt, Btry A
HINKLE, Glyn J; Hqs Btry
HITZ, George R; Btry C
HJERTA, Fred F; Sgt, Btry B
HOBBS, Raymond H; Btry B
HOBSON, James W; SFC, Btry C
HOBSON, Harold O; Btry C
HOCKENBERRY, Wiliam L; 2nd Lt, B Btry
HOEFLING, Lawrence; unk Btry
HOGELAND, Richard A; MSG, Hqs Btry
HOKE Jr., Frank A; Cpl, Hqs Btry
HOLLAND, Glenn P; Btry C
HOMAN, Raymond E; Hqs Btry
HOOK, Harry C Jr; Btry B
HOPKINS, Robert S; Btry A
HOWARD, Dean; Cpl, Hqs Btry
HOWE, Charles; Cpl, Hqs Btry
HUERTA, Louie C; Btry C
HUFFMAN, Samuel A; Sgt, Btry C
HULLINGER, Billy E; Hqs Btry
HUMBER, Willard L; SFC, Svc Btry
HUMBLE, Robert; Btry C
HUNTING, unk; Hqs Btry
HUNT, James L;. Cpl, Hqs Btry
HUTCHINSON, unk; Hqs Btry
IBARRA, Leocadio Jr; Btry C
IMSECK, Richard F; Btry C
IRIZARRY, Edison-Amely; Btry C
IRIZARRY, Caraballo-Carlos; Btry C
IRIZARRY, Hernandez-Antonio; Btry C
JACOBS, Frederick B; Btry C
JAMES, Oscar; Btry C
JANASIAK, Eugene A; Btry C
JEFFERSON, John R; Svc Btry
JENNINGS, Jesse J; Hqs Btry
JENSEN, Harry E; Btry C
JEWKES, Lorus D; 2nd Lt, unk Btry
JOHNSON, David; Hqs Btry
JOHNSON, Hohn E; Btry C
JOHNSON, Howard M; Svc Btry
JOHNSON, John W; Btry B
JOHNSON, Rex; Cpl, Hqs Btry
JOHNSON, Robert F; Btry B
JOHNSON, Vernon L; Cpl, Btry A
JOHNSON, William A; Btry A
JONES, William J; M/Sgt, Btry C
JORDON, Benny; Hqs Btry
JUAREZ, Felix C; Btry C
JUDKINS, James W; Btry C
JUSTMAN, Harold A; Btry C
KAESER, Gerald T; Cpl, Btry A
KAISER, David; Hqs Btry
KAISER, Oliver D; Hqs Btry
KALK, Glenn R; Sgt, Svc Btry
KAMINSKI, Clifford S; Btry C
KARIN, David; JW1, Hqs Btry/Svc Btry
KARLEIGH, Jerome S; Cpl, unk Btry
KECK, Robert; Hqs Btry
KEEFE, George A; Cpl, Btry C
KEHOE, Lawrence F; Hqs Btry
KEELER, Harry B; Btry B
KELLER,Warren G; Btry C
KELLY, Joseph P; Hqs Btry
KELSE, Fred H; Btry A
KENNEDY, Joseph ;M Btry A
KERN, Ralph E; Svc Btry
KINGSBORO, Clifford E; Btry C
KINKEAD, Robert B; 2nd Lt, Btry A/Btry C
KINVILLE, Leonard A; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry
KIPLINGER, Robert E. (Kip); Cpl, Hqs Btry
KIRKMAN Jr., William T; Hqs Btry
KLIMAS, unk; Hqs Btry
KLINE, Grant B; Btry C
KLOSS, John M; Cpl, Btry B
KNIGHT, Edward; SFC, Btry B
KNOOP, Frederick A; JW1, Svc Btry
KOCHER, Maynard E; Btry C
KOCHLI, Philip J; 1sr Lt, Hqs Btry
KOHOUT, Joseph L; Btry C
KONDRO, John M; Hqs Btry
KOPP, Theordore J; Btry C
KOSCHKE, Billy E; Btry A
KOTZ, Norbert F; Btry B
KOVACH, Emil J; Btry B
KRUCKENBERG, Melvin; Sgt, A Btry
KULICK, Johnny; Cpl, Hqs Btry
KURTIS, Francis; Btry B
LA MADRID, Marvin W; Hqs Btry
LE MONIER, Donald J; Major, Hqs Btry
LAND, Jerry; 2nd Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
LANDIS, Warren W; Btry C
LEBER, Donald W; Hqs Btry
LeFLOHIC, Harry J; Cpl, Hqs Btry
LEE, Donald H; Sgt, Hqs Btry
LEE, George A; Cpl, Btry A
LEE, Robert G; Hqs Btry
LEHMAN, Richard F; Cpl, Hqs Btry
LEIGH, Earl; Btry A
LEMONIER, Donald J; Major, Hqs Btry
LENNERTS, "Dad"; Hqs Btry
LENTZ, Edwin S;Hqs Btry
LEONARD, Robert D; 1st Sgt, Hqs Btry
LEON, Guerrero Vice; unk Btry
LETIZA, Thomas; Hqs Btry
LEVASSEUR, Robert F; Btry C
LEWIS, Donald F; Lt, Hqs Btry
LIBERTY, Douglas T; Sgt, Hqs Btry/Svc Btry
LIGGETT, Thomas P; Cpl, Hqs Btry
LIGHT, Sheldon K; SFC, Hqs Btry
LILLEGARD, Conrad; Btry B
LINDENSMITH, Lawrence; Svc Btry
LINDH Jr., Arthur; Cpl, Hqs Btry
LISTI, Sam D; Btry C
LOCKWOOD Jr., Harold C; SFC, Hqs Btry
LOFTON, Willie; Btry C
LOGAN, E J; Btry C
LOOMIS, John H; Sgt, Btry C
LONG, Robert J; Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
LONGMORE, Myron J; Cpt, Btry C
LORENZ, Andrew T; Btry B
LORENZO, Gonzalez-W; Btry C
LOUD, Arthur F; Svc Btry
LOUDON, Thomas A; Btry C
LOURANCE, JohnW; Cpl, Btry C
LOVE, Thomas, A; SFC, Btry C
LOWE, Donald K; Hqs Btry
LOWE, Solomon; Sgt, Btry B
LOWERY, Billie; Hqs Btry
LUCKERMAN, Harold; Sgt, Svc Btry
LUCKHARDT, Lawrence L (Curley); Hqs Btry
LUGO, Florencio T; Btry A
LUJAN, Lupe A; Svc Btry
LUKASZEWSKI, Arhur J; Hqs Btry
LUZZI, Sam J; Btry B
LYNN, Charles E; SFC, Btry A
MC ADAMS, Henry E; Cpl, Btry A
McCarter, Llyod S; Sgt, Hqs Btry
McCARTHY, Ronald J; Btry C
McDONALD, Richard R; Btry C
McGEE, Hubert (Jim); Svc Btry
McGREGOR, Fred O; SFC, Hqs Btry
McKINLEY Jr., Jack E; Hqs Btry
McKINLEY, Robert; Hqs Btry
McMAHEN, Samuel M; Cpl, Btry C
McMILLAN, Howard G; Hqs Btry
McMULLEN, Richard E; Hqs Btry
McMULLEN, Robert E; Sgt, Hqs Btry
McNEAL, Edward E; Btry C
McWADE, Harold A; Cpl, Btry B
MACOMBER, Ronald; Btry B
MADDALENE, unk; Cpl, Hqs Btry
MADSEN, Robert J; Capt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
MAGILL, William M; Cpl, Btry C
MAGRUDER, Alfred L; Capt, B Btry
MAHONY, Neil A; SFC, Hqs Btry
MALEK, Edward R; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
MANNION, Thomas F; Btry A
MANOK, Ralph T; Btry B
MARBLE, Norman L; Btry A
MARCELL, Richard J; CWO, Hqs Btry
MARCHESE, Vincent; Btry C
MARQUART, Dennis; Btry A
MARSH, Ben; Btry C
MARSH, Donald E
MARSH, Owen T; SFC, Hqs Btry
MARSZALEK, Stanley J; Sgt, Btry B
MARTIN, Glen; Sgt, Btry C
MARTIN, Jack L; Btry C
MARTIN, William J; Svc Btry
MARTINEZ, Fernando V; Hqs Btry/Btry C
MARTINEZ, Robert Y; Btry C
MARTIRANO, Guido E; Svc Btry
MASCOLO, Carlo A; SFC, Btry B
MASCOLO, Michael N; Btry B
MASON, Hobert L; Btry C
MATAVA, John R; Hqs Btry
MATHIS, Cleo D; Cpl, Btry B
MATHIS, Robert; Btry A
MATTHEWS, Walter G; Sgt, Btry B
MAUER, Elroy A Btry A
MAY, John A. Sgt, Hqs Btry
MEADOWS, Sam; Major, Hqs Btry
MEARS Sr., Perley B C; Hqs Btry
MEDES, Clifford (Cliff) M; Cpl, Btry C
MEDRANO, Robert E; Svc Btry
MEDVED, Morris M; Sgt, Hqs Btry
MEHAFFEY, James; Cpl, Hqs Btry
MEI, Emile N; Btry C
MEISTER, Ralph O; Cpt, Hqs Btry
MEJIA, Joel M; Btry B
MELZER, Phillips; Cpt, Hqs Btry
MENGE, William; Btry C
MERLO, James A; Sgt, Btry B
METZLER Jr., Edward C Jr;Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
MEYERS, Fred; Hqs Btry
MILLER, Charles B; 1st Lt, Btry B
MILLER, John; SFC, Btry A
MILLER, Josiah B; Lt. Col, Hqs Btry
MILLER, Paul F; Btry B
MILLS, Charles E; Btry A
MILLS, Lescie M; Cpl Btry A
MINARA, Mitsuru; Cpl, Svc Btry
MINTON, Robert C; 2nd Lt, Btry B
MOBLEY, James; Btry C
MOE, Harvey L; Sgt, Btry C
MOEN, Roy E;Btry B
MOLLISH, Frank E; Lt, Hqs Btry
MONAHAN, James W; Sgt, Svc Btry
MONROE, William F; Sgt, Btry A
MOORE, Jospeh A; SFC, Hqs Btry/Btry A/Btry C
MOORE, Samuel; Btry B
MOON, Roy E; 2nd Lt, Btry B
MORA, Raul; Cpl ,Btry C
MORALLS, Donald L; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Svc
MORRIS, Paul P; Btry C
MORRISON, Wheeler J; Maj, Hqs Btry
MORSEY, Carl T; Btry A
MORSS, Robert D; Svc Btry
MORYL, Louis M; Sgt, Btry A
MOSSO, Michael P; Cpl, Btry A
MOTT, Wilbur R; Btry C
MOTYCKA, Stanely; Btry B
MOULTRIE, Ezekiel Jr; Btry C
MUNOZ, Empidio; Btry C
MUNSON, Glen V; Svc Btry
MUNSON, James L; Svc Btry
MUNZ, Leo F; Btry A
MURPHY, Robert D; Btry C
MYERS, Fred; Hqs Btry
NAGLE, Brooke T; Btry C
NARDINI, Louis; Cpl, Svc Btry
NAVARRO, Louis L; Btry A
NAYLOR, Wilford L; Sgt, Svc Btry/Btry C
NELSON, Laurence A; Btry C
NEMETH, Frank A; Btry C
NEUGESSER, Richard; Btry C
NICHOLS, Harold E; Sgt, Hqs Btry
NICHOLS, Hobert G; SFC, Btry A
NICHOLSON, George T; Sgt, A Btry
NICO, Willard I Jr; Sgt, Svc Btry
NIPPERT, Clyde E. (Ed); Sgt, Hqs Btry
NOLAN, Kenneth; Sgt, Btry A
NORDSTROM, Elmer; Hqs Btry
NORGAARD, Mike; Hqs Btry
NORMAN, Lonnie R; Btry C
NORTHERN, Leonard; Hqs Btry
NUNN, Robert E; SFC, Btry C
NUNN, William A; Btry C
O'CONNELL, Leo J; Hqs Btry
O'MULLEN, James J; Cpl, Btry B
O'NEAL, Patrick Jr; Svc Btry
OLAH, John F. (Omar); Cpl, Hqs Btry
OLERICH, Kenneth; Btry B
OLERICH, Howard; Btry B
ONEILL, William P; Capt, Hqs Btry/Svc Btry
ONEILL, Richard M; Btry B
OSLOOND, Raymond E; Btry C
ORSON Jr., Rufus H; SFC, Hqs Btry
ORTEGA, Cipriano M; Hqs Btry
OTT, unk; Hqs Btry
OTTERO, Louis C; Btry C
OUYE, Milton T; Btry C
OWENS, William H; Btry C
PAEZ, Augustine; Btry
PAGE, John; Btry C
PAGE, Robert H; Btry C
PAJARI, Robert A; Btry A
PALM, Clarence; WOJG, Btry C
PALMER, Fred W; SFC, Btry B
PALMER, Gerald K; Cpl, Hqs Btry
PALMER, Rodney H; Btry A
PAPPADEMOS, Christos M; Btry A
PARKER, Deryl W; Hqs Btry
PARKER, Donald G; Sgt, Hqs Btry
PARSONS, Jack; Lt, Btry B
PARSONS, Paul W; Btry A
PAULL, Glen D; Btry C
PEARSALL, Allyn; Sgt, Btry B
PEARSON, John H; Cpl, Hqs Btry
PEEK, Robert A; SFC,Btry A
PENN, William H; Hqs Btry
PENN, Willis; Btry B
PENNINGTON, Floyd E; Cpl, Btry B
PEREZ, Alfred E; Btry B
PERRY, Charles; Hqs Btry
PETERS, Donald D; Hqs Btry
PETERS, Daniel L; Btry A
PETROS?, Walter F; Cpl, Btry A
PETRIGALA, unk; 2nd Lt, Hqs Btry
PETTIT, Medford; Cpl, Btry C
PFUHL, Fred R; Btry B
PICKETT, Bernard J; Btry B
PIERCE, Casimir S; 2nd Lt, Svc Btry
PIES, Stanley Dean; Btry C
PINA, James C; Btry B
PLYLEY, George H; Btry A
PLYMPTON, William H; Sgt, Hqs Btry
POORE, Raymond S; Btry A
POORE, Robert W; Btry A
POSTEMA, Herman G; Svc Btry
POSTEMSKI, Frank W Jr; Btry C
POSTON, Vernon W; Svc Btry
PRAY, Frankie D; Btry C
PRICE, Edgar; Btry C
PRICE, Octo; Btry A
PRIMISING, Harold J; Btry A
PRIMISING, Kenneth; Btry A
PRINTZ, Robert C; Btry B
PROBASCO, Cyril E; 2nd Lt, Btry A/Btry C
PURTELL, Charles T. (Charley); Hqs Btry
PYMM, Robert; SFC, Btry C
QUARLES, Charles; 1st Lt, Btry B
QUINN, John K; Btry C
RADTKE, Ed; Btry C
RAGNER, Maurice G; Capt, Hqs Btry
RAGNONE, Fulvio E; Btry C
RAINES, Frank C; Btry C
RAINES, John L, Sr; Staff Sgt, Btry C
RAKOCZY, Theodore; Btry B
RALYEA, Ellwyn; Sgt, Btry B
RAMSEY,unk; Lt, unk Btry
RANSLEM, Wayne L; Cpl, Hqs Btry
RASMUESSEN, Milton D; Sgt, Svc Btry
RAY, Kenneth L; Btry C
RAYBURN, John N; Btry A
REAL, Joe R; SFC, Btry C
REAVES, Osborne E; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
REAVIS, Ivey L; Btry C
REED, Levi; Btry C
REINHARDT, Robert; Hqs Btry
RENWICK, unk; Btry C
REYNOLDS, William T; 1st Lt, unk Btry
REZENDES, John C; Btry A
RHODES, Roy (Dusty); Sgt, Hqs Btry
RHODY, Howard A; Hqs Btry
RICE, Frank A; Btry C
RICH, Donald N; Hqs Btry
RICHMOND, William H; Btry C
RIDDLE, Don K;Btry C
RIESGO, James W; Btry C
RIGGS, Lloyd E; Btry A
RIGONI, Herbert C; SFC, Hqs Btry
RIHA, Arlin K; Hqs Btry
RIOS, Andrew I; Btry C
RIVERA, Joe; Btry C
ROADY, William E; Btry A
ROBERTS, Thomas D; Btry C
ROBBINS, Homer O; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
ROBIDEAUX, George E; Cpl, Hqs Btry/Btry C
OBINSON, James P; Cpl Btry A
ROBINSON, Kenneth F; Hqs Btry
ROBLES, Reuben; Btry B
ROCK, Edward C; Sgt, Btry A
ROGERS, Douglas B; Hqs Btry
ROGERS, Earl H; SFC, Btry C
ROHRER, unk; Lt, Hqs Btry
ROLAND, unk; 1st Lt, Btry C
ROLLINS, Norman N; Btry A
ROPS, John; Hqs Btry
ROSITTO, James P;. Hqs Btry
ROSS, Jr., Lester O; Sgt, Hqs Btry
ROSSOTTO, Domingo; Hqs Btry/Btry C
ROY, Gabriel R; Sgt, Btry B
ROZLEY, Levert R; Sgt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
RUBINO, Angelo C; Btry C
RUCHTI, Alfred E;. Btry C
RUEGE, Walter A; Sgt, Svc Btry
RUIZ, Lawrence; Btry B
RUNNION, James P. Hqs Btry
RUSSELL, William T; Btry C
RUSSING, Marvin C; Btry B
RUSSO, Anthony J. (Tony); Hqs Btry
RUTKOVSKY, Paul; Cpt, Hqs Btry
SABIN, Carl A; Hqs Btry
SAENZ, Jess R; Cpl, Hqs Btry
SAGUNSKY, Eugene D; Btry B
SALDAMA, Robert; Btry B
SALGADO, Jose B; Btry C
SALGADO, Vazquez Tomas; Btry C
SANDBERG, Donald E; SFC, Btry A
SANDERS, Enar H; Btry C
SARBER, Wayne R; Sgt, Btry B
SATHRUM, John M; 2nd Lt, Btry A
SAVINO, Francis V; Btry A
SAYLORS, Orville F, Jr; Btry C
SCARFF, Ross W; Hqs Btry
SCHALF, Troy A; Btry C
SCHALF, Don L; Btry C
SCHENFISCH, Wilmar; Btry A
SCHEU, Maurice R; Staff Sgt, Btry A
SCHIELD, Thomas R; Btry C
SCHIAVO, Mero; Svc Btry
SCHINDEL, Elliot; Hqs Btry
SCHLABIG, Franklin R; SFC, Hqs Btry
SCHLOUGH, Richard J; Btry C
SCHOCK, George R; Btry A
SCHOEPP, Lee A; Btry A
SCHOFIELD, Richard T; Sgt, Btry B/Btry C
SCHULTZ, unk; Btry A
SCHUMACHER, Walter B; Btry B
SCOTT, Robert E; Btry C
SEELEY, William A; Svc Btry
SEIWALD, Paul B; Hqs Btry/Svc Btry
SELLMAN, Richard L; Sgt, Btry A
SEMBIANTE, Willaim F. (Bill); Cpl, Hqs Btry
SEMEL, Bernard; Btry B
SEWELL, Wesley E; 1st Sgt, Btry C
SGAMMATO, Nichlos; Btry C
SHATTUCK, Dean J; Svc Btry
SHAPEN, Bernard (Bernie); Cpl, Hqs Btry
SHARP, Albert W; Svc Btry
SHARP, Thomas C Jr; 2nd Lt, Btry A/Btry B
SHENE, Harley N; Cpl, Svc Btry
SHETLAR, Clark A; Cpl, Hqs Btry
SHELTON, James E; Btry B
SHENKIR, John H; Cpl, Hqs Btry
SHINGLER, Albert; Svc Btry
SHIPLEY, Ellsworth; Btry A
SHORES, Gerald M; Svc Btry/Btry B
SIEBOLD, Joe J; Btry A
SIMARD, Wilfred J; Hqs Btry
SIMMONS, Louie E; MSG, Hqs Btry
SIMPSON, Arthur E; Hqs Btry
SINGLETON, Raymond; Hqs Btry
SKAGGS, James M; Svc Btry
SKINNER, Edward A; Cpl, Hqs Btry/Btry C
SLAVEN, Harold M. (Mickey); Hqs Btry
SLIGH, Albert; unk Btry
SLOCUM, James R; Btry C
SMALLEY, Jay; Hqs Btry
SMITH, Billy G; Hqs Btry
SMITH, Donald H; Btry C
SMITH, Glenn H Jr; Svc Btry
SMITH, Harold; Btry C
SMITH, Harold C; Sgt, Btry B
SMITH, Paul; Hqs Btry
SMITH, William E; Sgt, Hqs Btry/Btry B
SMITH, William R; 2nd Lt, Btry B
SMITH, unk;Capt , Hqs Btry
SMULL, Charles N Jr; Btry C
SMYTH, Donald E; Btry A
SMYTHE, Howard O; Btry A
SOBECKI, Eugene J; Sgt, Btry B
SODDY, Charles; Btry C
SOLOMON, Lawrence T; Cpl, Hqs Btry
SOMMERS, Richard N; Hqs Btry
SORENG, Clifford B; Hqs Btry
SOUNIA, Donald L; Svc Btry
SOUTHWICK, Don M; Capt, Hq Btry/Svc Btry
SPENCER, Lee J; Btry B
SPRINGER, Norman; Sgt, Btry A
STAFFA, Vincent G; SFC, Btry A
STAFFEL, Carroll E; Btry C
STANARD, Robert H; Sgt, Btry C
STANEK, John F; Svc Btry
STANFLEY, Raymond W; Sgt, Hqs Btry
STARNS, Dueal W; Svc Btry
STEIN, Ronald R; Btry C
STEINMCHER, Edward; Btry A
STENZEL, Arthur J; unk Btry
STEVENS, Charles W; Hqs Btry/Btry B
STODDARD, Marion R; Btry A
STOKER, Richard L; Btry C
STORY, Robert S; Btry C
STOUGHTON, David E; Btry C
STREMEL, Richard L; Cpl, Hqs Btry/Btry C
STRICKLIN, William; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry
SULLIVAN, Bobby G;Sgt, Btry C
SULLIVAN, John J. Hqs Btry
SUSIDKO, unk; Sgt, Hqs Btry
SVOBODA, Ceorge J; Btry B
SWAIDNER, Robert G; Btry A
SWAIN, William M; Hqs Btry
SWANK, Doyle H;. Sgt, Btry B
SWANSON, Orvile C; Btry B
SYLVIO, Theodore F; Svc Btry
TANNER, Glenn; Btry C
TAPLIN, Lloyd M; Btry A
TARANTO, John G; Btry B
TATUM, Richard C; Btry B
TAUBER, John; Btry C
TAUFER, William D; Sgt, Hqs Btry
TAYLOR, Gene A; Cpl, Svc Btry
TAYLOR, Harry L; unk Btry
TAYLOR, Robert F; Hqs Btry
TENISON, Carroll; Hqs Btry
TERREL, Steve; Hqs Btry
TERSIGNI, Peter P; Btry B
THOMAS, Earnest; Btry C
THOMAS, William L; Hqs Btry
THOMPSON, Edward D; Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry B/Btry C
THOMPSON, Richard E; Hqs Btry
THORSON, Roger A; unk Btry
TODD, Ted L;WOJG, Hqs Btry
TORRES, Arturo; Hqs Btry
TORMA, Joseph S; Cpl, Hqs Btry
TORNQUIST, Fred W; Hqs Btry
TORPY, Richard J; Svc Btry
TOWLES, unk: Lt, Btry B
TROMBLEY, Melvin F; Btry A
TRUMP, William; Btry C
TRUKENBROD, John P; Hqs Btry
TRYER, Kenneth M; Hqs Btry/Btry C
TUERFIELD, Richard G; Sgt, Syc Btry
TUKESBERY, James; Sgt, Hqs Btry
TUCKFIELD, Richard G; Sgt, Svc Btry
TURNER, Edward; Hqs Btry
TURNER, Young Jr; Btry C
TYNUS, Raymond; Svc Btry
UDELHOFEN, Francis J; Cpl, Btry B
UMLAUF, Louis B; Major, Hqs Btry
USHER, James G; Major, Hqs Btry
UYBER, Herbert F; Btry B
VAIANA, Johnny; SFC, Btry C
VALENTINE, Charles E; Btry B
VAN DE VELDE, Louis R; Lt Col, Hqs Btry
VANMATRE, Francis; Hqs Btry
VAN HARN, Stephen; Btry C
VAN PELT, Laurel L; Btry C
VASQUEZ, Richard; Btry B
VEATCH, William J; Sgt, Btry A
VERDUGO, Robert; Btry C
VICE, Leon Guerro; unk Btry
VIDAL, Adolph; Sgt, Hqs Btry
VIENNA, Gerhard; Cpl, Btry A
WABACKECK, Clifford; Btry A
WADDLETON, Bernard D; Btry C
WHALEY, Donald L; Hqs Btry
WALKER, Billy G; Cpl, Hqs Btry
WALKER, Curtis W; SFC, Btry C
WALKER, LeRoy M; Btry C
WALKER, Raymond D; Cpl, Btry B
WALKER, Robert G; Svc Btry
WALL, Bernard F; Btry A
WALLAN, unk; Hqs Btry
WALLANDER, Arthur R; Btry C
WALLS, unk; Btry A
WAMPLER, Tex M; Btry C
WARDEN, Vernon E; Btry C
WARNER, unk; Cpt, Hqs Btry
WARSCHAW, Bernard; SFC, Svc Btry
WATERMAN, unk Hqs Btry
WATKINS, Billy B; Btry C
WATKINS, unk; Hqs Btry
WATSON, Wayne W; Btry B
WEAVER, Wilson H; Sgt, Btry A
WEIAND, Howard A; Btry C
WEIR, Carlton R; Hqs Btry
WEITZEL, George LO; MSG, Hqs Btry /Svc Btry
WELCH, Eugene; Hqs Btry
WELLS, James B; Lt, Hqs Btry
WELKENER, unk, Lt, unk Btry
WERNER, John A; Capt, Btry C
WEST, James L; Major, Hqs Btry
WESTERFIELD, Gordon; SFC, Hqs Btry
WESTRUP, Donald A; Hqs Btry
WETJIN, Harlan 'Salty'; Btry A
WHALEN, unk; Hqs Btry
WHALLS, Thomas L; Btry B
WHITE, William A; unk Btry
WHITE Jr., William H; Cpl, Hqs Btry
WHITE, Raymond L; Cpl, Hqs Btry/Svc Btry
WHITTET, John H; SFC, Hqs Btry
WILCOX,Lester R; Btry B
WILCOX, Roger W; SFC, Hqs Btry
WILCSEK, Arnold; Hqs Btry
WILEY, Maurice M. (Mike); MSG, Hqs Btry
WILEY, Walter J. (Jerry); Sgt, Hqs Btry
WILCOX, Lester R; Btry B
WILCOX, Rodger W; SFC, Hqs Btry
WILKE, Richard T; Sgt, Hqs Btry
WILLIAMS, Milton L; Btry C
WILSON, James R; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry A
WINESAP, unk; Btry A
WISSUSIK, Ronald K; Cpl, Svc Btry
WITAR, Leonard; Btry B
WONG, Chester; Btry B
WOODRUFF, Delbert R; Btry A
WOODS, James T; SFC,Hqs Btry
WOODWARD, Robert M; Btry B
WOODWORTH, Thurman L; Cpl, Btry A
WOOLLEY, Peter W; SFC, Btry B/Btry C
WORMAN, Fred; Btry C
WREN, Willie B; Btry C
WRIGHT, Earle S; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry A
WUNKER, Swift E; 1st Lt, Hqs Btry/Btry A
WYATT, John E; Btry C
WYNKOOP, Chester L; SFC, Btry A
YBARRA, Raul S; Hqs Btry
YOUNGER, Estus A; Btry A/Svc Btry
ZANG, Richard; Hqs Btry
ZEHR, Norman; 1sr Lt, Hqs Btry
ZIELINSKI, Theodore S; Cpl, Btry C
ZIMMERMAN, Donald E; Btry A
ZUCKERMAN, Harold; 1st Sgt, Svc Btry
ZYLA, Edmund M; Btry A