Application for the 224th Inf Regt Association

Please complete the following and send with your membership dues ($25.00 per year) or newsletter subscription fee ($10.00 per year) to the address listed below. If you already sent in your membership dues, please pass this form to a friend that was also a member of the 224th. Regardless when your membership dues/subscriptions are received, you will receive all newsletters issued during that year. Please make your checks out to "224th Infantry Regiment Association" and send to
           Mr Ray Fanning, Treasurer
           224th Infantry Regiment Association
           2427 East Pinchot Avenue
           Phoenix,AZ 85016-7907
NOTICE: Do not send both the $25.00 and the $10.00. The $25.00 subscription fee covers all membership costs including the newsletter. Periodically, the Treasurer forwards $10.00 per member/subscriber per year to the Newspaper Editor to cover the cost of the newsletters. Completing this form in full will help us properly credit your account and keep your roster listing current.

Amount enclosed $_______________for membership year__________


Wifes Name (optional)_________________________


Phone Number:_________________________________

E-Mail address:_________________________

Unit and dates assigned in 40th Div__________________________________________________